About Us


I remember starting by helping my mom organize events when I was a teenager. With her I had the experience of coordinating and organizing events. 

Years later, when my daughter Paola was born, I organized her first parties all by myself, and all the guests that assisted those parties were fascinated with the decoration, as in those times nobody was using so many balloons and decorations as I used them during those parties.

In 2008 we created an enterprise that would be dedicated for all related to parties and events called: “PAOS EVENTS AND ACCESSORIES”.

We started doing decorations in general, balloon, party table and chair decorations, music, MC, inflatables, cakes, desserts, party souvenirs, center piece, HotDog Foodtrucks, Cotton Candy, popcorn and more.

Business was good! Clientele started growing and from there, another business idea was born, in hand with my daughter’s grandparents Nacy and Oswaldo, PARQUE VILLA ALEGRÍA. 

At it’s time PARQUE VILLA ALEGRÍA was an innovative concept, it was three party halls next to a park, where kids could enjoy a children’s city that had: a school, church, movie theater, hospital, hardware store and a supermarket. There was also a square, ball pit, playground, inflatables and a special area for babies. That’s when we did the fusion between PARQUE VILLA ALEGRÍA and PAOS EVENTOS Y ACCESORIOS.

We moved to the USA in 2016, starting from scratch while doing thousands of activities, which made me grow as a person but didn’t really make me happy. I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I wanted to start a business using all those tools and knowledge that the years of experience gave me. In this way, in 2019, PAOS PARTY BALLOONS” was born, growing and getting strong through the years. Allowing us today to reach you, the public, and decorate your houses, stores, corporate events with balloons and fill them with the joy that those represent.

Thank you to all my customers that have been supporting and trusting in our work, in here you will find a simple way to make your shopping more amicable.