Balloon Bouquet For Baby Boy #03


1. Orders must be placed at least 3 days in advance, if you want for the following day you must call to request availability (954) 708-4423.
2. You must warn if the person to be surprised is allergic to latex, or to any food in order to avoid using it for your surprise.  Otherwise we will not be responsible for any problem that may occur.
3. If the client moves the decoration or arrangement, from one place to another it is under their responsibility.
4.  The client must provide all the corresponding information for the preparation of the gift or decoration (colors, design, personalized balloons, age, name and event such as birthday, love, baptism, communion, happy day…)
5. In case of cancellation of the service, only 50% of the advanced payment will be refunded.


1. Helium is not a  flammable gas. (Helium is not toxic, and does not react to any other elements in natural conditions.)
2. Helium balloons can automatically lose their air when exposed to cold. When they get to a  hot environment they will return to their natural state.
3. Please do not place the balloons in direct sunlight or high temperatures because it can explode.
4. Do not leave the gift or decoration in the car as the heat and steam cause them to deflate or explode.
5. Latex balloons with helium last approximately 8 hours. However, we put a specific liquid to extend for a maximum of 48 hours.
6. MicroFoil or metallic balloons have a duration of 7 days or more, depending on weather conditions and treatment.
7. When the balloons explode or deflate, please place them into the trash and keep them away from children and pets, as they may cause damage by suffocation or allergy.
8. MicroFoil balloons can be transmitters of electricity. You should not let them loose or bring them close to electricity cables.
9. To be successful in your decoration or arrangement, all of the above must be fulfilled.



1. Provide the full name and contact phone number of the person who is going to pick up the decoration the day and time it will be picked up.
2. The person who picks up the arrangement must know that our Balloon Bouquets or decorations are large, so they must have a LARGE and unoccupied car, with the back seats down.
3. Pickup by SUV, Minivan, Hatchback or Touring are recommended.
4. PAO’S PARTY BALLOONS is NOT responsible for damages during transportation, for mistakes handling  your bouquet, gift or decoration. It is recommended to handle with care and not sudden movements.

1. We do not have a fixed delivery time. You only have to choose if you want the morning shipping from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or in the afternoon, from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. If you need an exact time, please notify us, to check our routes and available time.
2. Shipping will have an additional cost, if your decoration includes furniture, the price of the double trip will be calculated to drop off and pick up.
3. If you, by mistake,  give us a wrong address an additional charge will be issued.
4. We are not responsible for weather conditions when delivering, these conditions may lead to delays, or a change in date of delivery.


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