• Orders must be with a minimum of 3 days notice. If you need it for the next day then you have to call (954)708-4423 and confirm the availability.
  • Helium gas is not flammable, it must be taken into consideration that when the helium balloons are exposed to cold temperatures, the gas particles are compressed and the balloons deflate automatically. This is a natural process, when they get warmer they will return to their natural state.
  • When balloons are placed in direct sunlight, the latex or metallic material boils and bursts.
  • Do not leave the bouquet or decoration in the car since the heat or steam can cause them to deflate or explode.
  • All our bouquets are made the same day as the surprise, to ensure a longer duration of the balloons.
  • Helium latex balloons last approximately 8 hours, we guarantee their durability for a maximum of 48 hours. Microfoil or metallic balloons will last more than 7 days, depending on weather conditions and treatment.
  • When balloons deflate or burst they should be discarded. Keep waste away from children and pets as they can drown.
  • Microfoil balloons can be transmitters of electricity. Please avoid dropping them or bringing them close to power lines.
  • You must indicate if the person to be surprised is allergic to latex, so the material can be avoided in the decoration.
  • If you move the decoration from one place to another it is your responsibility.
  • The client must supply all the corresponding information for the elaboration of his decoration or Bouquet: colors, design, personalized balloons, age, name and reason (birthday, love, baptism, communion, happy day…)
  • In case of cancellation, only 50% of the amount paid will be refunded.
  • To be successful in its decoration or arrangement, all of the above must be fulfilled.


If you choose to pick up your arrangement or decoration at our facilities you have to take into consideration the following: 

  • Provide the full name and phone number of the person who will pick up the arrangement during the established day and time range.
  • The person who collects the arrangement must know that our Balloon Bouquets are large, so they must have a LARGE and unoccupied vehicle to collect, with the backs seats down to be able to introduce the arrangement without suffering damage, as the balloons can burst or accessories can come unstuck. It is recommended pickup by SUV, Minivan, Hatchback, or Touring.
  • PAOS PARTY BALLOONS is not responsible for damage during transportation, for the handling and final result in which your Bouquet or decoration may arrive.

If you choose shipping:

  • We do not have a fixed delivery time. You can choose if you want the morning shift from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or the evening shift from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. We cannot indicate an estimated delivery time, it would be during the corresponding schedule that you have chosen. If you need a specific time for work, please notify, to reach an agreement, if the schedule is available, the delivery will be made at the agreed time.
  • The shipment will have an additional cost which will be calculated at the time you send us the address, if your decoration has furniture, the double trip will be calculated to carry and search. If you give us a wrong address by mistake and the delivery had already departed, an additional charge will be issued.